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Here are a few of the media articles where I’m quoted or interviewed which are linked to physical activity


Australia turns to the UK for help in raising sporting participation rates (Sydney Morning Herald)

What’s the ultimate way to defy depression, disease and early death? Exercise (Guardian)

Report highlights workforce challenges for employers in physical activity sector (Health Club Management)

Online shopping is making our bodies weak (New York Post)

Local councils should make it easier for people with disabilities to be active, says NICE (NICE)

Exercise ‘keeps the mind sharp’ in over-50s, study finds (BBC)

Over 40s most at risk in UK’s laziness epidemic (Daily Mail)

Half of sport and fitness workers see no opportunity for professional development, according to Public Health England (Health Club Management)

Green man road crossings ‘too fast’ (BBC)

Weekend exercise alone ‘has significant health benefits’ (BBC)

English GPs ‘unaware’ of physical activity recommendations (Health Club Management)


Should yoga be part of NHS care? (The Guardian)

Commuting is making us more stressed and more fat, claims study (Insight)

Take public transport if you want to lose weight (Independent)

Britain grinds to a halt with the average person walking half a mile a day (The Telegraph)


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